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You’re a highly skilled attorney who knows how to service your clients and get them results they need. But you don’t want to worry about marketing and how and where to get your customers. This is where SEO For Attorneys come in.

What if I told you that you could have a constant stream of customers visiting your website and ringing up your law firm, just begging you to take their money? That is the power of Search Engine Optimization. Over 65% of people turned to the internet in their search to hire an attorney in a study.* The numbers don’t lie. People are starting to turn towards the internet even over friends and family.

This shift results in searches for lawyers having up to hundreds of thousands of searches per month. I’ve done the research. You have two options. Paying up to $100+ for a SINGLE visitor to your page with Adwords. Or paying an expert SEO company to efficiently and effectively increase your rankings in the organic search results for long term and sustainable traffic. So where are you showing up in Google? If you are not on the first page, or at least second, then the odds of you seeing a piece of that traffic are less than 1%.

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SEO For Attorneys

Attorney SEO

These days, local SEO is one of the most efficient means of marketing for a local business, especially in competitive niches like attorneys. You are driving targeted traffic to your online presence, as these are typically people actively seeking legal representative when searching terms like “dui lawyer in xyz.” Those are buying keywords. And you need an SEO service for DUI attorneys to show up for the search. This, in combination with a high converting website can give you an unlimited list of clients, allowing you to pick and choose who you wish to work with while you watch your profits soar.

Be aware that SEO is not an overnight process. However, it is a long term strategy that can pay off year after year as your rankings continue to increase. Increasing your visibility in the world’s most popular search engine is putting your law firm in front of the eyes of thousands of visitors every single day. As the world becomes more and more reliant on search engines like Google, the beneficial effects of optimizing your website will result in an ROI that starts quickly but will only increase as time continues. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Now I understand that “SEO” has a certain reputation in today’s marketplace. I’m sure you get plenty of phone calls from “SEO gurus” claiming to rank you number one guaranteed. Yet most of them either don’t work at all, or they work for a month until the next Google algorithmic update wipes out any progress you made, and often even harming your website, leaving you in worse shape than before you tried anything. However, there are completely white hat tactics that attorneys can benefit from, with no risk to their website.

My methods involve maximizing your investment while minimizing your risk. Everyone has a different level of risk-reward ratio they are comfortable with, so give me a call for a free consultation, and I can give you an idea of what I can offer and how you will benefit.

It is difficult to strictly measure the ROI on SEO as there are so many factors involved. However,  of course I understand that ultimately lawyers are just looking to get a return on their marketing dollars. And that is what I do. And there’s a good reason for that.

I want happy, long term, and sustainable clients that results in a mutually beneficial relationship. And if you don’t make money, then you stop paying me. It’s that simple. And that’s why I get results.

And I will be completely transparent with you. It may take up to 3-6 months in order to start seeing significant results, but from there, your ROI grows exponentially. Once you hit the first page, and keep creeping into the top 3 spots, your website traffic will go through the roof, in combination with your profits. It has the potential to revolutionize your business and kickstart it to long term, sustainable profitability like you’ve never had.

I provide high quality services at an affordable price, making sure that the dollars you spend come back to you many times over the next few years. I provide the best SEO service for attorneys, and I know you will be satisfied. You can see this was only built on April 4, 2015, and you can see where I’m ranking for an incredibly competitive term. I’m sure you’ve gotten countless calls from SEO “gurus” but I want to prove my abilities by ranking for tough terms like this.

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